EventFlowr Manual

How to format schedule?

Format the schedule like this (new line after every session):

<name>; <length in minutes>

For example:

Let's talk about my favourite cheese; 50
Governmental service in Panama; 30
Intermission .break; 30
Another great session; 45

Advanced schedule formatting

How to format descriptions

Descriptions can be filled in after saving the flow for the first time. Names of every sessions are auto-generated for you (you're walcome!).

Just fill in the details like this (you can use Markdown, but don't play with tildas):

~Nice Session Name~
This session is going to be gorgeous! It's like a Anthropology session written by Michael Bay.

~Another Session~
Sometimes, monsters are hiding under your bed even when you're 100 % sure they are not. Lose your ontological security on spot.

When you change the sessions name, you need to change also among the descriptions, otherwise it gets dissociated. (However it won't be deleted automatically, sure.)

Where to ask any other question?

Send me an e-mail to info@jan-martinek.com.